136 – The Scent of a Good Man

The Scent of a Good Man


“The honest and good man ought to be exactly like a man who smells strong, so that the bystander, as soon as he comes near him, must smell him whether he chooses or not.”

― Marcus Aurelius

Show Notes:

  • This quote cracked me up.
  • And even though Marcus Aurelius was the Emperor of Rome, I like that fact that he had a sense of humor.
  • His example is a potent reminder that we shouldn’t have to tell people how good we are, they should just notice.
  • Because if someone has to tell people how good a person they are, then they probably aren’t.
  • It’s like when someone says, “Trust me.” The fact that they had to say that now makes me wonder if there is something that I shouldn’t trust about them.
  • It should simply be part of our essence.
  • And while he was being humorous here, we as humans use our senses all the time when we meet other people.
  • Often when we meet someone, we get a certain feeling or “vibe” from someone.
  • We call it a gut feeling or instinct, and while it’s not always right, more times than not, we’re on the scent, and I’ve found that it’s a pretty indicator of the character of a person.
  • And when others meet you, what is their impression of you?
  • Do you reek with integrity?
  • Does your character stink with goodness?
  • Let the scent of your character make a lasting impression.

Photo by Kyle Johnson on Unsplash