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Thanks for stopping by the home of the Stoic Coffee Break podcast. The Stoic Coffee Break is a weekly podcast where I take an aspect of stoicism and try to dig a bit deeper and break it down to it’s most important points. I share my experiences, both my successes and my failures and hope that you can learn something and improve your life, all within the space of a coffee break.

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    “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” — Marcus Aurelius Do your opinions get in your way? Do your opinions cause issues in your relationships? What would happen if you weren’t so attached to your opinions? In this episode learn we should be willing to let go of attachments to our opinions and how doing so can help you live a happier life.
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    “Everywhere, at each moment, you have the option: to accept this event with humility; to treat this person as they should be treated; to approach this thought with care, so that nothing irrational creeps in.” —Marcus Aurelius Do you give others the benefit of the doubt? Giving people grace can make you happier with yourself. Learn why it’s important to trust and forgive others in this article. #trust #forgiveness #relationships
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    What is the purpose of life? To create. From the dawn of time, humans have been driven to create. Whether it’s art, technology, or solutions to world problems, our creativity leads to breakthroughs and advances for humanity. It’s through creation that we discover ourselves and express our humanity. Embrace your creativity and make a difference in the world. #creativity #purposeoflife #create