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Thanks for stopping by the home of the Stoic Coffee Break podcast. The Stoic Coffee Break is a weekly podcast where I take an aspect of stoicism and try to dig a bit deeper and break it down to it’s most important points. I share my experiences, both my successes and my failures and hope that you can learn something and improve your life, all within the space of a coffee break.

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— Erick Cloward

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  • 294 – The Ripple Effect of Small Acts of Kindness: A Stoic Perspective
    “Kindness is mankind’s greatest delight.” — Marcus Aurelius In a world often shadowed by negativity, the power of small acts of kindness shines as a beacon of hope. Drawing from Stoic wisdom, this episode explores how these seemingly minor gestures can ripple through society, fostering trust, empathy, and a stronger community fabric. By embracing kindness in our daily lives, we not only enrich our own lives but contribute to a larger narrative of compassion and unity.
  • 293 – Perspective is Reality
    In this episode we dive into the fact that our reality is not an objective construct; it is a subjective experience shaped by our individual perceptions. These perceptions are the lens through which we view the world, influenced by our beliefs, past experiences, and emotional states. Our perceptions profoundly shape our reality, molding our experiences, choices, and interactions with the world. Stoicism holds that our perceptions—how we see the world—play a critical role in our emotional and psychological state.
  • 292 – Interview with Ori Halevy: Comedian and Comedy Writer
    In a cozy Berlin coffee shop, Erick Cloward’s interview with Ori Halevy delves into the intersections of comedy, philosophy, and life’s complexities. This engaging conversation uncovers the unique perspective of a comedian navigating the philosophical landscapes of Berlin’s vibrant English-speaking comedy scene. Through laughter and reflection, they explore how humor can illuminate our understanding of stoicism and life itself.
  • 291 – Finding Your Genius: Flipping Your Flaws Into Features
    “Strive for excellence, not perfection, because we often find excellence in our imperfections.” —Harriet Braiker Discover the transformative power of viewing your traits through a new lens. In this episode we explore how what we see as weaknesses can actually be strengths in disguise, urging us to shift our perspective and embrace our unique attributes for success and happiness.
  • 290 – Laughing With The Stoics: Finding Humor on the Path to Virtue
    “It’s better for us to laugh at life than to cry over it.” — Seneca Discover how Stoicism embraces humor as a vital component of living a virtuous life. Uncover the wisdom behind laughing at life’s absurdities and how it contributes to resilience, joy, and a deeper understanding of Stoic philosophy.