271 - Cultivating Connection: Stoic Insights on Loneliness cover

271 – Cultivating Connection: Stoic Insights on Loneliness

“As long as we live, let us cherish each other. For, when we die, the opportunity of aiding one another is lost for all eternity.” — Seneca Struggling with loneliness? The last few years have been tough, but it’s important to reach out and connect with others. Discover the insights on loneliness from a Stoic perspective in the latest episode. #StoicWisdom #Loneliness #Connection #StoicCoffeeBreak

158 – How To Be Alone

“It is in your power to withdraw yourself whenever you desire. Perfect tranquility within consists in the good ordering of the mind, the realm of your own.” ― Marcus Aurelius Humans are very social creatures. It is our ability to be social and to cooperate in large numbers that has enabled us to create such amazing societies. We usually feel most at home when we’re with others, but there are times when we find ourselves alone. Most of us find it rather uncomfortable. How do we learn to be alone?