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Hi, my name is Erick Cloward and I'm the host of the Stoic Coffee Break Podcast. The Stoic Coffee Break Podcast is a week show where I talk about how to apply stoic principles to your daily life. 


We all want to be better people, but trying to be our best self is a challenge. I personally have spent decades working on overcoming a traumatic childhood to become a happier, confident, and kinder person. In 2017 I stumbled into stoicism and found that the principles made a huge difference in my life. As I began digging deeper, I kept having those "a-ha!" moments about why I struggled to manage my emotions and failed to be the person I wanted to be. 


On January 4, 2018, I started the Stoic Coffee Break Podcast (originally titled Stoic Meditations). I had a New Years resolution to start a podcast and decided I would talk about my new found interest in stoicism. I did 137 daily episodes in a row, before switching to a weekly and longer format.


Since that time, I have created almost 300 episodes. I have had millions of downloads and have listeners all over the world. It has been challenging at times since I've struggled with issues in my personal life, which often made me feel like an imposter. But with the support of my fans I've realized that we all have issues that we struggle with. I realized that I don't need to be perfect to teach these principles. I just have to do my best to help others, and keep moving forward on my own path.


While the principles of stoicism are simple in concept, the application of them in our day to day life can be a challenge. To help with that, I have created the Stoic Coffee House, which is a community that is built around helping each other live the principles I discuss on my podcast. 


When you join the Stoic Coffee House, you'll get to meet others who are working to apply stoic principles in their lives. We have people from all walks of life who all want to get better at applying the for stoic virtues: Courage, Temperance, Justice, and Courage.  


There is no area of life that cannot be improved by using stoic principles, and in the Stoic Coffee House, we discuss topics such as How to Improve Self-Awareness, Practicing Self-Acceptance, and even How to Stop Worrying About What Others Think.  We work on creating habits that help us keep momentum in reaching our goals. 


As a member of the Stoic Coffee House, you will also be able to participate in Mind Over Mood, a 30 Day Stoic Challenge Course that is run at least once a quarter. The course is built around daily practices to help you improve your self-discipline by working on your self-awareness, self-acceptance, responsibility, and decision making.


You will also get access to additional content including:  

   - Meditations

   - AMA (Ask Me Anything) discussions

   - Monthly book club 

   - Bonus episodes 


Stoicism has been a game changer for me and has helped me make big strides in becoming the person I want to be. I hope that you'll join me in the Stoic Coffee House and we can work together to become better people, and make the world just a little bit better. 



I took part in the beta version of the challenge and I believe that Erick is building something super interesting and powerful. The way it's presented (a daily practice that can take no more than 15 minutes) makes it very achievable, but as I got deeper into it, I wanted to block some extra time every day. 

As someone who'd dabbled into meditation and journaling but never quite stuck with it, this helped me explore some very interesting topics: in only 30 days I've found out lots of stuff about myself that have made me more mindful, accepting and (that's why I joined this) productive. 

Also, getting to spend 1 hour every week chatting with Erick makes this an absolute bargain.


Writer, Spain


After listening to the Stoic Coffee Break for some time, it was really a great to apply those lessons into my daily life. I’d definitely advise this course as it is so simple, practical at any point in life, fun although at the same time requires dedication. I believe it just helps to build a bit more of anyone’s virtue.

Overall, the course exceeded my expectations and I made some very desirable progress in my mindset on daily challenges.


Doctor, Tasmania


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